I am a licensed architect who has been educated and practiced in England, Italy and Greece for over 25 years (see BIO for more). Discussing the idea of On Line homestaging with friends , I realized that most of them were fully aware of the advantages of homestaging but were hesitant of using the “traditional” homestager because of the costs involved.  In fact, working on line, myself I do not need to visit clients and charge them for costs of travel, offices etc. The result is a big saving at your homestaging bill! (see shop for prices)

StagedWithCare is based in Toronto, the city that I consider my second home. A city bustling with life and with a thriving real estate market. However, since we are an ON LINE service company, we are not only limited to Toronto, we cater for the entire globe!

If you have a furnished property which you are selling or renting , StagedWithCare will help your home achieve a look of neutrality and elegance that allows prospective buyers and tenants the opportunity to imagine themselves and relax in that space.

do you need to homestage?

Do you own a furnished property and would like help with a budget personalized staging in order to sell it quickly and above the market price? Home staging statistics show that staging helps you sell a home faster and for more money.

Do you rent a furnished property and would like to get more calls and a higher than the market deal?

Ι strongly believe that in “curating” spaces for the estate market it is important to keep the balance between a ”neutral” environment and also give character, focal points and excitement to spaces. Ι believe that homestaging should include some style and care.  Ι will make sure that buyers will “remember” your home after the showing.

START HOMESTAGING before listing your property for sale or rent. Usually estate agents put out on the market the properly as soon as you contact them and the time for changes is limited.

Remember: potential buyers and renters aren’t just looking for a structure to inhabit – they’re looking to fulfill their dreams and improve their lifestyles.

what we do

We “curate” / home stage furnished homes for the real estate market (sale or rentals)

We will “curate” your spaces using in most cases with the furniture you already have and adding a few accent items in order to prepare your property for the professional photography which will result your listing to stand out!

StagedWithCare will show off the best assets of your home, and keep it to a strict budget. Our goal is to sell your home faster and at a higher price.

All our services are provided online.

what we do not do

We do not redesign or decorate your home.

We do not work with unfurnished spaces.

Keep in mind that we have to focus on the potential buyer or renter and not YOU. We do not create spaces that necessarily align with your taste.

Home staging is not a decorating exercise; it is a MARKETING strategy.

why StagedWithCare?

Well, as you already know there are many blogs and sites that can give you ideas of how to homestage better your property. However, you can easily understand the difference between those generic consultations and specific step by step personalized directions!!

StagedWithCare will help you achieve the best results without any hassle of appointments with home stagers or any initial visiting fees and consequently additional payments…

Please answer as many questions as you can at the StageWithCare Questionnaire. Your answers will help us make our consultation more PERSONAL and therefore more useful to you. Your actual name, age etc is not so important to us.

No hidden costs. Our prices are a fraction of what “traditional” homestagers charge. All our prices are in CAD.

Once you tick the boxes of the spaces you would like to have staged, you immediately get the cost on your shopping cart.
Our billing for this SPRING 2015 starts from as low as CAD 25 and reaches for a property with 2 bedrooms, the maximum  $355 (2 bedrooms $100 + 1 master bathroom $50 + 1 Guest bathroom 25 + hallway/foyer $50 + Living/Dining area $80 + Kitchen area $50).

There is no additional HST. Minimum staging we accept, is for CAD 100.
Once you check out you will receive our questionnaire.


You do not need to find time for appointments, or to be worried about hidde consultancy fees. All our services are ON LINE and our fee comes up as soon as you add each room at your shopping cart!

With a little help from you, at your own time and pace, we can make it happen. I will only need you to upload a few pictures from your camera or even your mobile and at a later stage, at your leasure (once you get my feedback) implement my suggestions from my StepbyStep Board & ShoppingList Board.

StagedWithcare will make it a piece of cake for you! Together we can make your property worth much more than you think.