Charging is by room-space so you can fill your shopping cart according to your needs. Please note that there is a minimum order of $ 100 CAD.

All separate rooms of a typical property are listed here. You choose the rooms that you want StagedWithCare to stage for you and you get the total cost at the end of the cart.

Do not neglect the hallways, corridors and stairways. By an imaginative staging of those spaces, you have a great opportunity to leave an unforgettable impression to your prospective buyers.

If your cart reaches more than CAD 325 you get a 10% off from your total bill!
Use coupon code “BIGSPENDER”.
Are you listing your property at Airbnb? Fill in your listing number in our consultation questionnaire, and if you spend CAD 300, we will send you a coupon of CAD 50 for the staging of one room FOR FREE!

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