StagedWithCare will direct you to “stage” or better “curate” your space solely ON LINE.

StagedWithCare will provide you ONLINE with creative, unique affordable solutions customized to your space and your budget.

From the comfort of your own home, you will receive emails that will give you specific steps to take in order to achieve the best result quickly, within budget and with the best results! You will get StepbyStep Boards for your rooms as well as ShoppingList Boards, where Home accents/wall decors etc will be suggested to you from online shopping lists. You can also use those as Moodboards and buy similar items from shops in your area! (See also Deliverables)

We have good news for you: You do not need to be a computer specialist!

You can use our services even from your smart phone. After your choice of which rooms to stage has gone through, It will only take you a few minutes to complete our questionnaire and then upload the photos!

You can control and see at any time the total cost of your cart and make any changes you want before the final payment and checkout!

The Questionnaire will guide StagedWithCare to your resources, needs, budget limits, personal preferences etc.

The photos you will send us are very imporant. Please read carefully our suggestions so you capture your spaces the best possible way.

How to photograph


Remember: the clearer and better quality of your photos, the more detailed stepbystep Boards you will get from StagedWithCare!

Each of your photos must not exceed 1.2 MB!

Your photos and your comments are our only input and we want to have the best from you in order to get the best from us! If you usually take blurry photos use a tripod or other flat surface.

So please read carefully these notes. They will help you take the “best” photos for this project. For most rooms you will be able to upload up to 5 photos per room. So make the most of it! More photos mean more info for us! 

Lighting is obviously very important when taking pictures. If your room is an eastside room it should be taken in the morning or if westside in the afternoon. Try to avoid using the flash on your camera.

Rooms with northern and southern exposure should be photographed on very bright days. This is the best lighting to shoot with and your results will look cleaner and more beautiful. If too much light is coming in from the windows, draw the drapes or shades.

You can also use your smartphone to take and upload your pictures.

Prepare your room

Take some time to prepare your room, for the photos you will send to StagedWithCare.

Imagine you are expecting guests.

So prepare your rooms for such an occasion.

Then start taking the photos.

Day photographing

Note that if you take photos against windows with strong light you may get very strong contrast, in which case the interior will show well. In such a case, draw the curtains, or wait until the light is less strong. Start by taking photos with all the lights off, preferably not at night. Take at least one photo from every corner of the room, wherever possible.

Try to take a few pictures that will give the general feel of the room. If you want us to consult on your room lighting, turn off all the lights before shooting and try to avoid using a flash.

Zoom in

Zoom in at areas that need “attention” or you feel they are problematic (eg. clutter on the console, the TV stand, the counter), as well as some pictures of details especially at the areas that you think need more attention- staging.

If you want StagedWithCare to comment and advise you on your floors, please make sure that the pictures show clearly their state. Wherever there are cabinets & cupboards, take some photos of the inside arrangement. This will help us understand how much “decluttering’ you have to do. Where the plugs and TV antennas are in every room, for example may help me suggest new positions of your lamps, TV etc.

Night Photographing

If you think that you have lighting problems take also pictures at night, with your lights on.

With and without flash if you can. A good lit space looks larger and at its best.

Pieces of furniture

If you have pieces (eg. furniture, art) that you think they could be moved to the room we will be staging, please take a photo of them too.

When you photograph items it is useful to photograph them into context.  I will then be able to understand their size.

Additional comments

Take some time to fill the “comments” section for each room. This again will give me more information or even explain things that are not easily detectable from the photos.


Upload photos

Do not edit your pictures since it is important for me to get as much  of a realistic picture as possible.

Final check

Go through all your photos before sending them to StagedWithCare.

Make sure that you have photographed all the areas, all the details and spaces you wanted and that your pictures show clearly what you want us to see.

What will StagedWithCare deliver to you

Once your payment is completed and processed, you will receive a Welcoming Board which will give you general directions of organizing and caring about your home, before the staging (and listing), and also an Inspection Handout with guidelines to help you understand what inspectors look for in a property. If you are a pet owner, you will also get a Handout for Pet owners which will prove very useful to you while listing your home. A set of Free Printable(s) labels for the room(s) you ordered will be also send to you at this stage.

A few days later (no more than one week later), after I have received all your photos, you will get a personalized:

1. StagedWithCare StepbyStep Board

You will receive one or more pages of StepbyStep Boards for each room. These are directions of step by step things to do, in order to “stage” your room using the furniture, the accent pieces and in most cases the decors you already have.

2. StagedWithCare ShoppingList Board

In some cases there will be the need of purchasing some items. StagedWithCare will use lighting, soft furnishings, and accessories to highlight the best features of any interior and downplay its flaws.

The ShoppingList Board will be the result of my best choices for your space, from the 3 online shops that you have chosen from Stagedwithcare questionnaire.  If you choose more than 3 onlline shops, you leave me the liberty to choose from which 3 will be my suggestions. These choices will also take in consideration your (specified at the questionnaire), spending limits.

From the StagedWithCare ShoppingList Board you can navigate directly to the links of the specific items and easily buy them on line. Alternatively, this can be used as a Mood Board for you in case you want to shop from shops near you. StagedWithCare uses the Olioboard platform for its ShoppingList Board.

After you have done all the changes and you have followed our advice, do not forget to upload your “after” in order to get our FineTuning Board, with comments and final suggestions!

3. StagedWithCare FineTuning Board

StagedWithCare will also help you with a final consultation/ FineTuning Board after you have followed the boards 1 & 2 and you feel you are ready to show your house to the world!

So upload your “after” pictures and let us comment on them. You will receive our Fine Tuning Board in no later than 4 days.

4. StagedWithCare Feedback Board

You can get a StagedWithCare final Feedback consultation after you have followed my suggestions and you feel that your space is ready “for the show”, by sending us your “after” photos. You can upload up to 5 photos for every space. I will come back to you (in no more than 4 days) with my final comments and consultation ensuring this way will deliver the best results.

By then, you will be ready to list your house. So please now go back to the “SHOP” at the rooms you purchased and write a brief review about StagedWithcare services. We are a new business and need your opinion and testimonials in order to become better.

I will then respond to your comments, with a “thank you letter”, for choosing StagedWithCare for your home “curating” and also an attachment with the Guide “How to Best Photograph your room” for your gallery property listing.



Charging is by “room-space” so you can fill your “shopping cart” according to your needs.

There is a list of all rooms of a typical property. You choose the rooms that you want StagedWithCare to curate for you and you get the total cost at the end of the cart.

Do not neglect the hallways, corridors and stairways. With an imaginative staging of those spaces, you have a great opportunity to leave an unforgettable impression on your prospective buyers.

Once you tick the boxes of the spaces you would like to have staged, you immediately get the cost on your shopping cart. Our billing starts from as low as CAD 25 and reaches the maximum for a property with 2 bedrooms  $355 (2 bedrooms $100 + 1 master bathroom $50 + 1 Guest bathroom 25 + hallway/foyer $50 + Living/Dining area $80 + Kitchen area $50).

There is no additional HST. Minimum staging we accept is for CAD 100 (see also special offers).

After you choose each room from our SHOP you can upload photos of the room. If you do not have time to do all the rooms in one go, do not worry! You can upload pictures of each room separately.

After all your info material and pictures are sent to StagedWithCare and no more than 48 hours later, you will receive my initial feedback. Then in no later than a week you will get the StagedWithCare StepbyStep Board (separate for each room) and also the StagedWithCare ShoppingList Board (in case that this is needed for your space) and also the rest of our deliverables.