I hope that StagedWithCare Frequently Asked Questions will provide quick answers to your questions.  If you have more questions or you need to clarify any answers, don’t hesitate to email me !

Q: Does StagedWithCare services include staging in unfurnished properties?

A: No StagedWithCare offers services only for properties that are already furnished, both for rental and sale.

Q: Do I need to stage my property if I want to sell it or rent it furnished?

A: ABSOLUTELY! Statistics have proven again and again that a staged property sells and gets rented much faster than a non-staged property. Bottom line: if you want to sell or rent your house faster, get it staged!

Q: Can I use the StagedWithCare services if I have not listed my property?

A: You can use StagedWithCare services at any stage of your listing. It is much better though to ask for help before. This will give you time to “present” your property at its best!

Q: Why do I have to give all the information like for example where is the property, how big is the property etc?

A: It is not compulsory to fill all boxes of the questionnaire. However, specific information is sometimes helpful and it gives me input in order to send you material which is more personalized and to your specific needs. StagedWithCare will then much more helpful to you.

Q: If my kitchen needs a total remake, shall I ask help from StageWithCare?

A: Sometimes, all the cabinetry needs is new doors and drawer fronts and these are easily replaced and relatively inexpensive through a local cabinet refacing company. The IKEA solution. I was skeptical at first but the cabinets from IKEA are attractive and affordable. However, STWC cannot help you for your kitchen if this is your only need. STWC will only advice you if your kitchen needs “curating”. I will masterfully downplay its flaws and accent its advantages to make it appealing to potential buyers. What I will do is, with minor purchases (if needed) to help you declutter, clean and stage your kitchen the best possible way.

Q: What are your consultation fees?

A: Our billing starts from as low as CAD 25 and reaches for a property with 2 bedrooms $350 (2 bedrooms $100 + 1 master bathroom $50 + 1 Guest bathroom 25 + hallway/foyer $50 + Dining/Living $75 + Kitchen $50). For this total you will get the “Bigspender” coupon for a 10% off from your bill!

The minimum payment is $100. Our SHOP is very easy to use and gives you immediately the total cost at your cart once you choose which rooms you want staged!

Q: What are your deliverables?

A: StagedWithCare, will process your order and within 24/72 hours after the receipt of all your information material you will receive our Organizing and Caring About your Home Board and also an Inspection Handout together with your personalized printables to help you with your first steps! If you are a pet owner you will also receive a handout which will help you dealing with your pet while your home is on the market.

In no later than a week, after we have received your photos, you will get

  1. The StepByStep Board separate for every room and
  2. The ShoppingList Board for every room if  I feel that in your case there is a need to purchase any items.

After you have finished the work needed and followed our tips and directions and you feel your space/home is ready for “show”, you upload your “after” photos and StagedWithCare will send you the FineTuning Board in no later than 4 working days. As a final feedback consulatition, after 4 working days of receiving your final photos, you can get our FeedBack Board as a “fine-tuning” final consultation/comments.  You can then go back to the rooms you purchased, press “REVIEW” and write a brief testimonial regarding StagedWithCare services. You will then receive a “Thank you letter” as well as StagedWithCare Guide “How to Best Photograph your room” for your gallery property listing.

Q: Can I ask the staging for one or two rooms of my property and not the whole property?

A: You certainly can. However keep in mind that if I have the whole picture of the property it is easier to suggest better solutions eg move this chair to that room etc. Also do not underestimate hallways, corridors etc. All home areas are important and could make or break your deal.

Q: At the ShoppingList Boards that you will send us, you include certain internet shops. Do you have any type of connections with them?

A: The items in all my ShoppingList Boards are included there only because I think that they are the best choices for your specific needs and your budget. There is also the alternative of you suggesting the online shops you would like me to look into for your items.