StagedwithCare Deliverables

Once your payment is completed and processed, you will receive our Welcoming Board which will give you general directions of organizing and caring about your home, before the staging (and listing), and also an Inspection Handout with guidelines to help you understand what inspectors look at a property. If you are a per owner, you will also get our Handout for Pet owners which will prove very useful to you while listing your home. A set of our Free Printable(s) for the room(s) you ordered will be also send to you at this stage.

A few days later (no more than one week later), after we have received all your photos, you will get our personalized:

1. StageWithCare StepbyStep Board

You will receive one or more pages of StepbyStep Boards for each room. These are directions of step by step things to do, in order to “stage” your room using the furniture, the accent pieces and in most cases the decors you already have.

2. StagedWithCare ShoppingList Board

In some cases there will be the need of purchasing some items. StagedWithCare will use lighting, soft furnishings, and accessories to highlight the best features of any interior and downplay its flaws.

The ShoppingList Board will be the result of our best choices fom your space, from the 3 online shops that you have chosen from Stagedwithcare questionnaire. Also these choices will take in consideration your (specified at the questionnaire), spending limits.

From the StagedWithCare ShoppingList Board you can get directly to the links of the specific items and easily buy them on line. Alternatively, this can be used as a Mood Board for you in case you want to shop from shops near you. StagedWithCare will use the Olioboard platform for its ShoppingList Board.

3. StagedWithCare FineTuning Board

StagedWithCare will also help you with a final consultation/ FineTuning Board after you have followed the boards 1 & 2 and you feel you are ready to show your house to the world!

So upload your “after” pictures and let us comment on them. You will receive our Fine Tuning Board in no later than 4 days.

4. StagedWithCare Feedback Board

You can get a StagedWithCare final Feedback consultation after you have followed our suggestions and you feel that your space is ready “for the show”, by sending us your ‘after” photos. You can upload up to 5 photos for every space. We will come back to you (in no more than 4 days) with our final comments and consultation ensuring this way the best results.

By then, you will be ready to have those professional photos for the listing of your house. So please now send a brief comment about our service. We are a new business and we need your opinion and testimonials in order to become better.

We will respond to your comments, with a “thank you letter”, for choosing StagedWithCare for your home “curating”.