Dining/Living room

$ 75.00

If your living and dining room are in the same area (for properties of a total area of max  1.200 sq. feet or 112 sq meters). Otherwise shop also “Dining in a separate room”. Choose the staging of your living room in order to get our WelcomingBoard and our general directions of organizing and caring about your home and a set of our Free Printable(s) for the room(s) you ordered

After we have received all your photos, you will get our personalized:

1.  StagedWithCare StepbyStep Board
2.  StagedWithCare ShoppingList Board
3.  StagedWithCare FineTuning Board
4.  StagedWithCare Feedback Board

And last but not least get our Guide “How to Best Photograph your room for your gallery property listing“!

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